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Competition Prep

October 11, 2017
There are a few items to take into consideration when thinking about the last few days before a competition or race. Hydration Hydration is always an important factor in fitness as well as body function. You cannot start this process the night before the competition. It may be too late at that point. A good rule of thumb is to try and get one ounce of water/kilogram of body weight per day. Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to

Between the Ears

October 4, 2017
"The greatest adaption to CrossFit takes place between the ears." -Greg Glassman-Founder and CFO of CrossFit As you are crawling in from a 400m run on the fourth round of a WOD to pick the barbell up or jump back up on the pull up bar, how often does your brain hold you back? What you are telling yourself? How you NEED to rest? How you CAN'T do the last 10 reps unbroken? Are you afraid of failing? What if you were telling yourself that you d


May 26, 2017
In 3 days the majority of our gym will be taking on "Murph" on Memorial Day. We remember everyone deployed as well as everyone who died while serving in the country's armed forces. As a community, we show our support and praise the ability to be able to wake up and grind through the challenge at hand. For a lot of us this may be the first time taking part in "Murph" or maybe with a vest or even trying to run both miles! From a strategic stand


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