Fall into Fitness

28-Day Nutrition Challenge 

Join our 28-day Nutritions Challenge starting October 9th.

Work with expert coaches in a supportive, fun and educational approach to simplify nutrition and supercharge your fitness. 

This is a great way to initiate bigger changes, in advance of the holiday season, one small step at a time.  Take significant steps towards a healthier you!! 

Invest only $139 to get on the path to a healthier you (10% discount for exisiting CFE members)

Real Food.  Healthy Habits.  Accountability


What we will cover:

🍏 Nutrition (with tips to naviagte the holidays)
🍏 Mindset/Stress Management
🍏 Exercise and Movement
🍏 Sleep

Your 28-Day Nutrition Journey

October 2 - 7th, 1:1 Nutrition Consultation with Coach

  • Biometric assessment
  • Discuss long and short term goals
  • Review of personal challenges

October 6th, Kick-off Seminar at 5:30pm

  • Meet your fellow challengers
  • Get the ins and outs of The 28 Day Challenge
  • Learn the fundamentals of nutrition as part of a balanced lifestyle
  • Tutorial on the Healthy Steps Nutrition App and tools
  • Get the insider tips in kickstarting success for the challenge and beyond!

October 9th, Day 1 of 28 Starts!

  • Virtual coaching and group support using the HSN App
  • Weekly nutrition educational videos
  • Healthy recipes and habit ideas
  • Weekly Nutrition Coach check-ins to provide support and accountability
  • Daily and weekly mini-challenges for points and prizes
  • End of program prizes for overall compliance, bodyfat loss/composition and improved performance

November 6 - 11th, 1:1 End-of Program Consultation with Coach

  • Biometric re-assessment
  • Discuss goals and positive habit achievements
  • Discuss overall experience and guidance for the future
  • Challenge participants receive a discount of over 20% off on-going nutrition coaching!!

What are you waiting for?

Take the first step to a healthier new you.
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