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Our founders

Flavia and Maria

Welcome to CrossFit Enforce. We are a small business, independently operated and locally owned by Flavia Herringa and Maria Lempicki. Both long-time CrossFit Enforce members who have embraced their passion and slowly expanded their commitment from athlete to coach and finally to owners. Since 2013, CrossFit Enforce has transformed lives by providing elite fitness in a supportive community culminating in people leading happier and healthier lives. We provide a safe, supportive, and empowered environment where members can embrace their fitness journey, working with expert coaches, in pursuit of becoming their best selves. Our job is to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey and safely guide you to where you want to be. We are proud to say that many of our original members continue to be with us because hard work pays, and results come easy when you enjoy the process!

Our coaches

Flavia coach at CrossFit Enforce


Owner, CrossFit L2, Nutrition Coach

Flavia fell in love with CrossFit and the Enforce community right after the box opened in 2013 and began coaching in early 2017. As a master’s athlete, she’s excited that she can learn new skills and become stronger and fitter than ever before. She and her husband Matt have two almost grown girls who have also enjoyed CrossFit as part of daily fitness and conditioning as rugby athletes. As a homemaker and homeschooler, Flavia has had a lot of experience nurturing positive growth. Influenced by parents with diverse cultural backgrounds, she has a special love for cooking “real food”. Health issues earlier in life lead her to focus on food as a prescription for wellness. She has poured herself into nutrition education along with cooking techniques and has a deep understanding of sourcing, balancing and preparing everyday dishes that bring joy and nurture the whole body. She has certifications in both Precision Nutrition and Healthy Steps Nutrition and deeply appreciates that CrossFit considers nutrition to be the foundation of fitness. For Flavia, the happy consequence of living, teaching and promoting a well rounded life in nutrition and fitness has led to a passion for competition. She has participated in many events and has qualified for CrossFit’s master’s regionals 2016-2021. “No matter what age or stage, if you show up and do the work you will reap rewards!”

Maria coach at CrossFit Enforce


Owner, CrossFit L1

Maria was hooked on CrossFit the day she stepped into CFE for the free intro in 2015. She was looking for a better way to achieve fitness, after years of trying to squeeze in training time as a triathlete, while juggling the demands of home and work. CrossFit offered the solution with the bonus of including a close-knit support community. Maria moved to Maryland with her husband in 1992 starting her career at the National Institutes of Health. Maria has spent the last 20+ years translating scientific discoveries into affordable, globally accessible public health solutions with a focus on the development of new vaccines. Now that her two children are grown; she has taken her passion for CrossFit to the next level and wants to help other “senior” athletes such as herself maintain and improve fitness. Maria has a MSc in Microbiology and is a CF-L1 coach. She is constantly expanding her CrossFit education and has also completed the Scaling, Judging and Gymnastics courses.

Todd coach at CrossFit Enforce


CrossFit L2

Todd was born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to Maryland in 2001 to start a career in law enforcement. Todd has been a local police officer for almost 19 years and has spent 15 of those years as a Field Training Officer. Todd has successfully trained well over 20 new officers and won the Field Training Officer of the year award in 2017. Todd’s passion to train officers has carried over to training athletes at CrossFit Enforce since 2014. Todd has earned a CrossFit Level 2 Certificate and has completed several CrossFit specialty courses. Todd is also CPR/First Aid, and AED certified. When not coaching at CrossFit Enforce, you may find Todd working out somewhere, whether it be in his garage, a police facility , or at CFE. Todd believes that physical fitness is the key to longevity for both his career and overall health. You may also find Todd at the beach, his other passion, with his wife Leander and daughter Samantha.

Dimitri coach at CrossFit Enforce


CrossFit L1

Dimitri was fortunate enough to be introduced to CrossFit first in 2016. He was inspired by his parent’s revitalized desire to exercise consistently and quickly found a love of his own for the ‘Sport of Fitness.’ Dimitri has been training at CFE consistently since the Spring of 2017. He graduated from the University of Maryland in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Dimitri spent two years earning his associate degree from Montgomery College, training and competing in various CrossFit competitions across the state of Maryland and finishing Ironman 70.3 Eagleman in 2018 in the meantime. During his first semester at the University of Maryland he also trained for and completed the full distance Ironman 140.6 in Panama City, Florida in November of 2019. Dimitri has been brought up in a variety of different sports, including football, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, rugby, swimming, cycling, and running. He also enjoys winter and water sports such as snowboarding, slalom skiing, and wakeboarding. When he is not studying, training, or coaching, he works at the Mortgage Link in Rockville as a Mortgage Loan Officer. He is also very passionate about his health from a nutritional standpoint and strives to eat a mostly if not strictly vegan diet. Dimitri earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in October of 2020 and combines knowledge of his relevant coursework and years of experience being coached under CrossFit principles to offer insight to anyone willing who walks through the CFE doors. Dimitri’s biggest draw to CrossFit is based on the community and accountability characteristics of CrossFit, particularly CFE. “I appreciate the consistency associated with having a universal standard to be held to, and you can’t beat the element of competition. Everyone here wants to see everyone get better.”

Kamil coach at CrossFit Enforce


CrossFit L1, USAW L2

Kamil has lived in Maryland since 1987. He developed a passion for CrossFit in 2016 while testing out a local gym near work. That’s where he quickly realized the satisfaction of barbell cycling and varied functional fitness. While his day job includes wrangling teams and cloud infrastructure for the government, he enjoys spending his free time in the gym perfecting his technique or working on an ever-growing weakness list. Shortly after 2016, he developed a passion for Olympic weightlifting and has competed in local meets. He has received his USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level II certification and equally enjoys coaching athletes and lifting.

Ben coach at CrossFit Enforce


CrossFit L2

Ben was born and raised in Montgomery County. He started personal training while earning his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. He then went on to pursue his Master’s in Physical Education, also through UMD. He is currently a teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools where he also coached high school lacrosse for 7 years. Ben found CrossFit in 2013 and never looked back. He earned his CrossFit Level 1 in 2014 and Level 2 in 2018. He enjoys staying up to date on research in exercise physiology and might sometimes give you a longer answer to your question than you hoped for. When not working out, Ben can be found hiking in the woods with his family.

Robert coach at CrossFit Enforce


CrossFit L1

Robert is a retired US Army physician. He met his wife, Melissa, and served most of his active duty years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They have two adult children. Robert has always pursued a wide range of fitness with a bit of zeal. After concentrating on cycling for a decade and tennis for a different decade, a friend recommended CrossFit. Channeling his Neurology and Neuro-ophthalmology medical training, Robert enjoys the constant variation in CrossFit but also likes to focus some concentrated time to develop specific physical skills. He has taught at many levels including middle school, high school, college, medical school, and post-graduate medical education. Since 2010, Robert and Melissa have sought medical education opportunities in developing countries. After retiring, Robert obtained his CF Level 1 certificate and avidly trained for Open competitions. Though setback by some injuries, nerve damage, and neck surgery, he continues to develop physical skills around those issues. Robert greatly enjoys helping athletes of all ages push their limits, understand the principles of fitness, and obtain new goals.


CrossFit L1, USAWL L1


CrossFit L1, USAWL L1

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