Owner, CrossFit L2, Nutrition Coach


Flavia fell in love with CrossFit and the Enforce community right after the box opened in 2013 and began coaching in early 2017. As a master’s athlete, she’s excited that she can learn new skills and become stronger and fitter than ever before. She and her husband Matt have two grown girls who have also enjoyed CrossFit as part of daily fitness and conditioning as rugby athletes. As a homemaker and homeschooler, Flavia has had a lot of experience nurturing positive growth. Influenced by parents with diverse cultural backgrounds, she has a special love for cooking “real food”. Health issues earlier in life lead her to focus on food as a prescription for wellness. She has poured herself into nutrition education along with cooking techniques and has a deep understanding of sourcing, balancing and preparing everyday dishes that bring joy and nurture the whole body. She has certifications in both Precision Nutrition and Healthy Steps Nutrition and deeply appreciates that CrossFit considers nutrition to be the foundation of fitness. For Flavia, the happy consequence of living, teaching and promoting a well rounded life in nutrition and fitness has led to a passion for competition. She has participated in many events and has qualified for CrossFit’s master’s regionals 2016-2022. “No matter what age or stage, if you show up and do the work you will reap rewards!”

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