CFE Committed Club

Want to know a secret? The more you are at CFE the closer you will get to your goals. Since we are all about getting you closer to your goals we recognizing members for their commitment to their health and fitness. As with anything worth having, you do need to work for it. To be inducted into the Committed Club you must attend 18 days per month for 3 consecutive months and enter your score into Wodify. Members of the Committed Club will get an EXCLUSIVE limited edition CFE shirt. We truly believe that consistency is key, and we love to showcase your commitment to fitness!


How will the visits be tracked?
The visits will be tracked by signing in to Wodify and entering your score. Coaches will not be responsible for signing you in or entering your results. Personal Training sessions or membership clubs such as Powerlifting will also count toward your total. If you attend the Saturday WOD and BBC that is still one day of attendance. Open gym will only count if you are doing that day’s WOD.

Will I get a bonus for exceeding 18 visits in a calendar month? Can I use extra visits towards a past or a future month?
No, the focus of the committed club is rewarding you for being consistent each month, so there is no rollover. But you can certainly have pride in going over 18-days!

What if I’m traveling?
If you go to a CrossFit gym while on travel it certainly does count. Just use the late score “class” and add the result and where you were in the comments.

What if I get hurt or I am sick?
We encourage everyone to explain your injury to your coach to see how the workout can be adapted to your needs. We ask athletes who are contagious to stay home–we wouldn’t want this challenge to hurt your health or impact the well-being of others around you. Instead, see if you can make it up later in the week or try again next month.

What if I forget to sign in?
You are responsible for signing and entering your score. We have the late score “class” as a last chance for the day. If you forget to sign-in, your visit will not be counted towards the committed club status, but will still count toward your fitness!

When does this start?
You can start your consecutive month journey anytime!