At CrossFit Enforce our focus is fun. Imagine enjoying your workout.

 At CrossFit Enforce  you define your success.

Imagine yourself one year from now. How do you want to feel? Take the first step to make that future a reality.

CrossFit Group Classes.  

Just show up. We’ll handle the rest. 

CrossFit is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. In its true definition, “CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” But, in its practical, everyday life application definition, it is hands-on fitness at it finest. 
Group training keeps you motivated and working hard. Working with a coach keeps you safe and injury-free. Our coaches are experts in fitness, care about you and invest themselves in helping you reach your goals.  Each day, we’ll build you a challenging workout that combines the best of all fitness methods, grounded in exercise science, and help guide you to reach your maximum potential.
Classes are 1-hour, they are for every fitness level and we promise it will be the best hour of your day!


The foundation of functional fitness.

Something as fundamental as nutrition should not be complicated. We will help you build a strong nutrition foundation so that you can meet your goals and feel the way you deserve!
We are the product of our habits, not what we do for short periods. We use a simple yet effective approach to help you create lasting habits for long-term positive, sustainable and lasting results.

Personal Training.  

Fitness to fit your schedule.

Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to the results you want. When you sign up for Personal Training with us, you’re signing up for a unique program specifically for your current fitness level. A personal coach can help you build a specific skill set, strengthen weak areas, gain a competitive edge in your sport, and stay motivated to reach your goals.
Fast-track your results and receive the personalized attention that you deserve.

 Don’t fall back  into that same old routine.

At CrossFit Enforce we’re all about helping people who want a change. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. You can either go back to what hasn’t worked in the past or you can take a new path. If you’re serious about making that change, we’re ready to help you.