CrossFit L1, USAW L1


Julia grew up in Woodbine, Maryland, and has always been an active individual, whether it was horseback riding or working out. During high school though, Julia felt something was missing within her fitness journey: a sense of community. Julia began CrossFit her senior year of high school, where she quickly developed a strong passion for it. CrossFit not only provided Julia with intense workouts, but it also gave her invaluable friendships. Julia’s 6+ years being a part of the CrossFit community allowed her to realize that she wanted to be able to support others in reaching their individual health and fitness goals. Julia is taking her passion of wanting to help and support others one step further and will be going to school for a nutritional science degree in August 2022.
Julia’s passion for and understanding of the human body and its physiological functions fuels her desire to share this knowledge with the fitness community. In her free time, Julia likes to go on adventures with her dog, Juice. She got him during the COVID shutdown and they have been inseparable ever since!

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